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Logo / CD

Logo Design

A logo is a graphic symbol (emblem) that represents your company, organization, yourself as an individual, or your product.

• Logo Design (pure image mark, wordmark, or combination mark)
• Redesign: transformation of an existing logo

The logo finds its place on business cards, letterheads, websites, products, and more.

Corporate Design

Creating a cohesive visual identity that resonates with your target audience.

The development of a corporate visual identity includes:

• Logo design
• Style guide for communication materials (print & digital)
• Business cards
• Letterhead templates (e.g., invoices, formal correspondence)
• Website (possibly social media)
• etc.

Logo Design

Logo Design / Redesign

Corporate Design l

Logo Design

+ Business cards

Corporate Design ll

Logo Design

+ Business cards

+ Letter templates

Corporate Design lll

Logo Design

+ Business cards

+ Letter templates

+ Web appearence

Web / Ad

Webdesign & Interface Design 

• Web design using website builders (one-page, blog, forum, shop, and more)
• Including mobile site
• Optional content management
• Interface design for apps
• Interface design for websites (programming not included)

The right online presence showcases your company or product and enables you to reach a global audience.

Ads / Social Media

• Google Ads or similar
• Instagram & Facebook ads
• Design of social media accounts

By implementing advertising campaigns, you can effectively reach your target audience, resulting in increased marketing of your product sales, services, job advertisements etc..


Print Design / Layout & Editorial Design

• Business cards
• Flyers / brochures
• Magazines / newspapers
• Books / book covers
• Banners / posters
• Merchandise

Traditional print media remains a popular way to reach people especially in local communities.

• Online magazines / whitepapers
• Word documents
• Interactive PDFs
• Handouts

On the other hand, digital documents are in high demand as they streamline work processes and offer a broader reach.

Slideshow & Illusration

Slideshows & Presentation

• PowerPoint presentation (optionally animated)
• Slideshow (video presentation)
• Interactive PDFs
• Excel sheets

Whether for internal purposes (such as discussing projects in team meetings) or external purposes (for customers or sponsors), presentations are a valuable tool to concisely and effectively describe a topic in an organized and clear manner.


Illustrations add that special touch to a concept, whether it's in print products or on the digital level. Some areas where illustrations can be utilized include:

• Header images for websites
• Covers for books & magazines
• Album covers
• Blog/news illustrations
• etc.

Foto / Video / Sound

Photography & Image Editing

We offer a range of perfectly lit photos from various perspectives (including post-processing, compositing, and optional image clipping), both in our studio and on site at the customer:

• Product photography
• Interior: furniture / furnishing
• Architecture
• Industrial & commercial photography
• Food
• Clothing & fashion
• Images for websites, posters
• Image editing / retouching / restoration
• etc.

Videoediting for YouTube / Social Media, Films, Commercial - Post Production

Professional video editing services for various contents like:
Advertising / Ads, YouTube/Social Media videos, Short-& Feature Films, Music Videos, Motion Graphics, Animations, etc.

• Editing of your Raw Footage material
• Colorgrading
• Adding Text & Animation
• Sound Editing
• Effects
• Production of cut-in material


Sounddesign & Music

Sounddesign for Videos, Short Films, Social Media (YouTube, Instagram, etc.), Audio Books

• Synchronisation of Audio with Video (vioce, noises ect.)
• Recording of Sound Effects
• Sounds / Scoring for Cinematic Films
• Music Production
• Postproduction & Editing of your RAW Footage


• Your inquiry with project description
• Determinng the areas to be designed
• Calculation of time and cost budget
• Design phase with correction loops
• Finalization with data transfer
• Future content maintenance (if necessairy)

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